Enjoy the atmosphere and service of a local market & eatery, complemented by the convenience of online & delivery.


Smoothies, bowls, and toasts - made with fresh and healthy ingredients, and served with love! Available for dine-in (patio available) and takeout.

Meal Prep

Meal plans (same bowls we have in the restaurant) and meal-prep kits (a la carte) - picked up in-store or delivered to your home on Mondays &Thursdays!

Foodie Program

Included complimentary for all meal prep customers, or can stand alone - 10% discount in-store, & member-only promotions/access!

Foodie Program

Delicious food and good nutrition, made easy! All memberships provide convenient access to healthy food, with savings included! With the Foodie Program – Plus Meals, enjoy bulk discounts on healthy prepared meals, delivered weekly! Choose from fully prepared meals or meal prep kits – whichever best fits your lifestyle!

Foodie Program
...plus Meals!

Restaurant-quality food from the comfort of your home. Or work… Or your aunt’s house… I mean, you get it.

Choose the healthy and affordable meal options that best fit your life, so you can do-you and ‘eat well’!

Save 15-25% off shop prices; meal prices include the cost of food plus $1/wk to support reusable packaging, because we can all ‘do more’!

Busy life? Trying to eat healthy? Absolutely love the bowls we have in the shop? Get all the goodness without any of the fuss! Bowls are prepared for freshness, which means sauces and finicky ingredients will be served on the side. Hot bowls can be heated in the microwave, and cold bowls just need their dressings and are good to go! Foodie Program members get access to an extended menu!

Busy but still love to cook? Care about nailing down your macros? Love the ingredients we have in the shop and confident you can whip up something special with them? Pick the A La Carte items you love most (the same prepared bases, veggies, proteins, and sauces we have in the shop), and create your own masterpiece! 

Foodie Program

$ 3
Per Week
  • 10% In-store discount
  • Members-only promotions

...Plus Meals

$ 1
Per Week (plus meals)
  • 10% In-store discount
  • Members-only promotions
  • Extended Menu
  • Bulk discounts
Most Value

Pitted Seed?

But the pit… is the… seed… Kind of a brain twister, but it’s also pretty simple. We’re inspired by the many forms of beauty and sources of health that come from seeds. 

Eating healthy and supporting sustainable practices are lifestyle decisions for so many of our members, and these beliefs are equally shared by an adjacent ‘lifestyle’ community, particularly here in San Diego – surfing! The ‘pit’ in surfing refers to the barrel, and it’s the ‘holy grail’. Being a sucker for word play, we couldn’t miss that low hanging fruit (oh snap, did it just happen again?! Wapahh!!).

Our motto is ‘Eat Well. Do More.’ and it largely refers to the healthy and sustainable decisions we all make on a daily basis – we take them both seriously. But ‘Do More.’ doesn’t just refer to doing more from a sustainability perspective. We work with as many local companies as possible (have you tried Kula Ice Cream, James Coffee Co., or baked goods from O’brien’s Bakery?), and are always looking for more partners (reach out below!). ‘Do More.’ also means that you should only spend time doing things like shopping and cooking if you choose to, otherwise do more of what you care about and we can help save time related to life’s necessities! 

We’re loyal to our beliefs, and we’re equally loyal to our team, guests, and members (any questions about joining the team or becoming a member, don’t hesitate to reach out with the details/form below!) – and we reward it when it’s reciprocated!

Joining the loyalty program is easy – when you come in and check out, you just sign up with your phone number! No spam, no carrying a card around – all simple! For each qualifying purchase (greater than $6.50, the cost of a small smoothie), you earn a seed (or is it a pit..?)! You can save seeds up or redeem them once you reach the below levels – the more seeds you redeem in a single transaction means more money saved per seed!

  • Redeem 5 seeds for $2 off
  • Redeem 10 seeds for $5 off
  • Redeem 15 seeds for $10 off

Just another way to ‘Eat Well. Do More.’

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