Healthy. Savings. Delivered.

Nutritiously prepared meals for home and pricing that makes it easy on the wallet.

Foodie Program's Rebirth

The Foodie Program launched as the mechanism to fulfill the Pitted Seed goal of offering both the atmosphere/community of a storefront and the convenience/efficiency of online. As part of that, membership included an in-store discount, bulk discounts on meal prep, and other member-only benefits. Despite deciding to take a break from storefront side of the business, the Foodie Program led to something much more exciting…

Local Food, Sustainably Delivered

Delicious food and good nutrition, made easy! Just like with the Foodie Program, ordering Pitted Seed through the Pit & Seed platform provides convenient access to healthy food, with savings included! It’s the easy way to enjoy bulk discounts on healthy prepared meals, delivered weekly – now with ALL REUSABLE packaging for sustainability! You can still choose from prepared meals or meal prep kits – whichever best fits your lifestyle! So what’s new?

Food prepared by local experts: Pit & Seed partners with local restaurants and chefs to bring you more variety when it comes to your weekly orders! One week can be healthy Pitted Seed food, and the next can be robust Indian cuisine (or even mix-and-match within a week, coming soon!) – all ordered through the same platform, and all local!

Our focus on sustainability: Pit & Seed doesn’t use a bunch of single-use plastic and/or cardboard, like most meal prep services. All packaging is reusable, and thoroughly sanitized between uses. By working within local communities and doing batch weekly deliveries, emissions from deliveries are also cut down on!

Pitted Seed
Menu Lives On

Restaurant-quality food from the comfort of your home… or work… or… I mean, you get it.

Choose the healthy and affordable meal options that best fit your life, so you can Eat Well. Do More!

Save up to 10% when buying in bulk!!

Busy life? Trying to eat healthy? Absolutely love the Pitted Seed bowls we served in the shop? Get all the goodness without any of the fuss! Bowls are prepared for freshness, which means sauces and certain ingredients will be served on the side. Hot bowls can be heated in the microwave, and cold bowls just need their dressings and are good to go!

Busy but still love to cook? Care about nailing down your macros? Love the ingredients we had in the shop and confident you can whip up something special with them? Pick the A La Carte items you love most (the same prepared bases, veggies, proteins, and sauces we had in the shop), and create your own masterpiece! 

Foodie Program

$ 3
Per Week
  • 10% In-store discount
  • Members-only promotions

...Plus Meals

$ 1
Per Week (plus meals)
  • 10% In-store discount
  • Members-only promotions
  • Extended Menu
  • Bulk discounts
Most Value

in members' words...


Can I join the Foodie Program without doing meals on both days, or even at all?

Of course! Just select ‘No <day> order’ for whichever days you want to avoid an order. You can always update this for the next week by logging into your account. If you’re only interested in the Foodie Program and not meals, then just select ‘No order’ for both the Monday and Thursday order options. The program alone costs $3 per week and you get all the same benefits!

How does pickup and delivery work?

Pickup and delivery takes place on Monday and Thursday (for meal plan/prep items as well as market orders). All orders will be available by 2pm for pickup, and that’s when they go out for delivery as well. Only enrolled members and their designated associates can pickup orders. More specific notes are included on the market, cart, and checkout pages.

Are there any additional fees?

The Foodie Program by itself costs $3 per week, and the Foodie Program Plus Meals costs $1 per week (for the Sustainability Program) plus the discounted cost of meals. Of course, any online market items that are added as recurring or one-time purchases will be charged accordingly. The only additional fees relate to the Sustainability Program (helps us provide and maintain reusable packaging so that your recurring orders don’t generate  near as much waste as they would otherwise!) and apply when reusable packaging gets lost. Eat well. Do more.

How long does Meal Plan and Meal Prep food last?

We recommend eating the food within 5 days of the Monday/Thursday on which it was prepared for delivery or pickup – hence the selection of those days.

What if a delivery goes missing?

Delivery instructions and coordination with drivers should prevent this. Our relationships with members mean the world to us, so we do everything we can to ensure deliveries arrive safely and work with you if anything goes wrong.

Can I add market items to my subscription?

You sure can! You can either add items to your recurring subscription (through their product page) or you can place market orders at any time to have items delivered (or picked up) on a one-time basis, and they’ll go out according the delivery cutoff timeframe.

When and how do I pay?

You’ll sign up with a credit card, which will be charged each weekend based on the Plus Meals selections you’ve made for that week (or if any new market items have been added to your subscription).

With Plus Meals, do I always get the same meals?

That’s up to you! When you sign up, you choose your default meals and then you can login to your account each week to update your selections (before end of day Saturday for the next week). We’ll have rotating specials, so we recommend keeping it fresh!