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Same Healthy Food
Similar Program
New Home

Same Healthy Food
Similar Program
New Home

Pitted Seed?

But the pit… is the… seed… Eating healthy and supporting sustainable practices are passions equally shared by the surfing community. The ‘pit’ in surfing refers to the barrel, and we couldn’t miss that low hanging fruit (oh snap, did it just happen again?! Wapahh!!).

Our motto has always been ‘Eat Well. Do More.’ and it largely refers to the decisions related to health and sustainability that we make on a daily basis. But ‘Do More.’ doesn’t just refer to doing more from a sustainability perspective, it also means that you should only spend time doing things like shopping and cooking if you choose to, otherwise do more of what you care about and we can help save time related to life’s necessities!

Your favorite bowls at Pitted Seed are still available through our new home at Pit & Seed LLC, although we have unfortunately had to shut down operations in our original North Park storefront – which means no more smoothies, toasts, or groceries at this point. BUT – Pit & Seed takes the best parts of the Foodie Program, and makes them even better! In addition to the Pitted Seed menu, you’re able to order from other local chefs and restaurants on the platform, making it San Diego’s premier service for local and sustainable weekly meal prep!

Local Food
Sustainably Delivered


Conveniently update weekly orders

Either choose a new weekly menu, or stick to the one you love! Choose from local restaurants and chefs who each specialize in their own unique cuisine, or enjoy the healthy and delicious Pitted Seed bowls! Orders for the following week need to be updated by end of day Thursday.

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Food is prepared locally

Have a favorite restaurant, or just love to support local businesses? Pit and Seed curates its partners to feature hand-selected experts in their respective cuisines, and provides partners with entirely reusable packaging for sustainability. Food is prepared just before delivery, so is as fresh as fresh gets!


Food is delivered sustainably

Pit & Seed handles delivery for all chefs and restaurants in a single weekly batch, reducing  emissions in the process! Reusable packaging is used for all bags and containers (and returned weekly), with insulated bags and ice-packs. Delivery window is 2-6pm on Mondays or Sundays (depending on menu ordered from).

Changes, both good and... not as good...

In a turn of events, we’ve had to close our North Park shop – but we’re moving full speed ahead with our meal plan and meal prep kit deliveries!

More exciting announcements on that coming soon – until then, get started by using promo code ‘local222’ for 50% off your first two week’s orders!

A million thanks to the team and our friends/neighbors that made the past year so special for us, and your patience is appreciated as we make updates to the site and other online channels.